We are a small business and focus on providing a personal and responsive service for our clients. Our aim is to cater to individuals and small groups as we wish to establish warm and friendly relations with our guests. We will endeavour to be flexible and cater to any particular requests and excursions can be adapted to suit individual wishes.
Guides can act as lecturers, interpreters, companions or a combination of these roles according to a traveller’s needs. You can be met at the airport, train station or wharf at any time of arrival. We can buy tickets for you or accompany you and just translate. We can alert you to any local pitfalls, good restaurants, accommodation or events you should see. Alternatively, if you just want someone with whom to sit, drink and chat, then we are the ones you need!


duration: 3 hours walking tour
5 hours car+walk
During this excursion the most interesting and beautiful places in the city will be visited. Initially, we will drive to various points of interest in the city followed by a walk in the historical centre.
You will be collected from your accommodation and we will begin our tour at 10 April Square which commemorates the liberation of Odessa from German Nazi and Romanian occupation in World War 2. This is a beautiful, large square with a tall monument and is surrounded by new buildings that make up a first class shopping precinct. Then we pass Victory Gardens and can make a stop if you wish.
Next we move on past many grand, beautiful boulevards and buildings that are a legacy of Odessa’s French heritage and this includes Odessa’s magnificent train station and famous Pushkinskaya Street. We will stop near the Odessa Philharmonic centre and the Bristol Hotel (Red Hotel in Soviet times). Then on to the Opera house and from this point start the walking tour. Your guide will provide an interesting commentary that will ensure a memorable and unforgettable visit.
Here is approximately itinerary and sights that we will see during our tour

Primorsky Boulevard

Potemkin Stairs

Opera Hause
Monument to the founder


duration: 7 hours
(Ususally we combine tours to Akkerman Fortress and Shabo winery becouse they are close to each other)
This is a full day tour during which you will see much of the countryside surrounding Odessa and then visit one of the most beautiful fortresses in Ukraine that has survived in a relatively good condition. You will have the opportunity to admire ancient architecture and gain a feel for life inmedieval times. One can clearly see how the fortress was arranged, the civil yard, the garrison yard and the towers which each had a special purpose. Adjacent to this are
the remains of a unique excavation of the ancient city of Tira dating back to more than 6000 years! Given that Rome is about 2800 years old one can appreciate the age of this site.
In the second part of our excursion is a stop for lunch at a pleasant and well-appointed restaurant offering excellent Ukrainian specialties. Next we move on to visit the Shabo winery, one of the best wineries in the southern region of Ukraine! Visitors can see how wine is currently produced on modern equipment as well as visiting museum displays showing how the first settlers produced wine on these lands. A comfortable cinema will enable tourists to watch a brief film about the foundation of Shabo by its Swiss settlers. Finally, visitors are taken to the crystal room in an underground cellar where different types of wine, vermouth and cognac can be tasted with snacks.


duration: 3hours
Odessa was the third Jewish city after New-York and Warsaw. There was segregated Jewish settlement area in Odessa. In the second part of 19-th century Jewish people played a most important role in Odessa trade. They concluded contracts and attracted weathy Jewish companies from Eastern Europe. During the tour, you will visit commemorative places dedicated to Jewish life and history: The Jewish Cultural Center, the Hasidic synagogue (the biggest in the Ukraine), the Jewish Cemetery, the Holocaust Victims’ Memorial, the Jewish Memorial and


duration: 2-3 hours
This unusual excursion explores the Odessa Catacombs and explains when they appeared, why and how they were constructed. Odessa Catacombs are among the largest catacombs in the world. If you lined them up in a row their length would be more than 2500 km which is the distance from Odessa to Saint Petersburg and back! You will be shown how partisans lived in these underground cities during the Second World War. Cities had their own streets, squares, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry, staff cabinet, arsenal, workshops, shooting gallery and even a school! We will reach an underground depth of about 14 metres and remain for approximately one and a half hours. You should gain a sense of how partisans lived – some of whom spent more than a year underground without seeing the sunlight!

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