• Odessa Jewish Heritage Private Guided Tour
    Odessa Jewish Heritage Private Guided Tour

Odessa Jewish Heritage Private Guided Tour

Duration of Odessa Private Jewish Tour: 3hours

Odessa was the third Jewish city after New-York and Warsaw. There was segregated Jewish settlement area in Odessa. In the second part of 19-th century Jewish people played a most important role in Odessa trade. They concluded contracts and attracted weathy Jewish companies from Eastern Europe.

More then 100 streets and and squares named by Odessits in Israel. We have very tight intertwined common history with Israel. Odessa is the motherland for many well known people such as national poet Hayim Nahman Bialik or first mayor of Tel Aviv Dizyngoff or Vladimir Zeev Jabotinsky or Shalom Aleikhem or Saul Chernyahovkiy and many others. . . .

During the tour, you will visit commemorative places dedicated to Jewish life and history, we wouldn't have time to visit all of the but you could choose what objects you are interested the most and we will build our itinerary together:

  • Moldovanka Traditional Jewish area
  • The Jewish Cultural Center,
  • the Hasidic synagogue
  • The Brodsky Synagogue, today home to the municipal archives
  • Glavnaya(The Main) Synagogue of Odessa
  • The Building of former Butchers’ Synagogue
  • Palestine Committee
  • Habad Shomrei Shabbos Synagogue
  • the Holocaust Victims’ Memorial, the Jewish Memorial
  • House of  Hayim Nahman Bialik
  • House of Dizyngoff
  • House of Vladimir Zeev Jabotinsky
  • House of Shalom Aleikhem
  • House of Saul Chernyahovkiy
  • Jewish Cemetery of Odessa

Odessa private  Jewish tour is perfectly suits to the small groups size from 1-4 or 5 to 8 person.

However if you have a larger group send me the message and we will set up.
If you want to see the places where they lived and the streets they walked I will be happy to show you on my tours!

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